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Eastern Bull News Spring/Summer 2010
The 2009 Powwow season was a very success year for the drum, Eastern Bull has kicked the 2010 season off by returning back to previous powwow locations as well as new powwows for this year's season.

Eastern Bull is patiently waiting for Anson to return back to NC and rejoin us full time. Several new guys are also in the process of joining  Eastern Bull and we look forward having them singing with us.

Eastern Bull News Summer 2009
Eastern Bull continues to sing at pow wows in VA, NC, and SC. Eastern Bull plans to sing at a few more pow wows which are not listed on our pow wow schedule.
Eastern Bull is making plans to return to Morris College on Nov. 5 to present an educational program on Native American music and culture.
An Eastern Bull congratulations to Anson for completing his graduate studies at ASU in Boone.

Eastern Bull plans to record a new CD in 2010
Eastern Bull continues to follow their mission statement of being involved in the community by presenting programs to students in the Native American community as well as the local community.

Eastern Bull News Winter/Spring 2009

Members of Eastern Bull continue to be involved in community events by partnering with Restoring the Hoop, EXN, and SOE to help collect blankets as well as continuing to be a sponsor of the Cabrina Cummings Memorial Scholarship.

Eastern Bull News Winter and Spring 2008

There are several new people interested in singing wiith Eastern Bull. We welcome Ed, Albert, Anthony, Shannon, Louis, CJ, and Michael.

Chana is back at the drum. We missed you and welcome back.

Anson is teaching at ASU and in Graduate School. Antoine is enjoying his time at UNC-P.

Joey was name Teacher of the Year at DH Conley High School.

John and Connie are enjoying retirement.

Dee-Dee is staying very busy with her little one.

spring and summer 2007

Congratulations to several Eastern Bull members for achieving another milestone. Anson graduated from ECU and will attend graduate school at Appalachian State University in the fall. Jacob completed high school and will attend Martin Community College. Antoine also completed high school and will attend UNC-P.

Randy is now the Director for the College of Health and Human Performance Academic Advising Center at East Carolina.

Joey is the proud grandpa of a baby girl. Congratulations.

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